Timing Belt Repair

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Timing Belt Repair in North Hollywood

Foreign & Domestic Auto timing belt repair-replacement.

A & B Auto Repair in North Hollywood, CA  are locally renowned in our community for being the number one auto shop serving both Foreign & Domestic cars for timing belt repair and timing belt replacement.

A & B Auto Repair in North Hollywood has ASE certified and fully qualified for Foreign & Domestic auto services.

Our mechanics are equipped for efficient fast timing belt replacement. All of our vehicle service repair works are covered by warranty so our clients can rest easy and have the peace of mind they deserve.

Our expert mechanics have decades of experience working on timing belts, are fully prepared to look at your car free of charge.

If it is deemed necessary, we will happily perform excellent-priced repairs to get your vehicle back safely on the road.

Your timing belt is one of the most important components of your vehicle, and thus proper timing belt repair is one of the most important mechanical services you can have performed.

All cars that have a timing belt must have the timing belt replaced as per vehicle’s maintenance schedule recommends.

If the belt is not replaced, there is a risk of it breaking and this can cause catastrophic engine damage to your vehicle. When in doubt, just contact A & B Auto Repair in North Hollywood with your vehicle’s year, make, model, engine size and current mileage and we can check your maintenance schedule for you.

timing belt repair-Now, timing belts wear out naturally so you want a timing belt replacement before it breaks or slips.

You can check with your service advisor or you owner’s manual to see when they recommend to have your timing belt replaced.

If you have never replaced your timing belt and already have 60,000 or more miles on your clock, talk to us right away to see if you are due.

We offer a wide range of timing belts for any budget, and our efficient replacement process lowers the cost to you even further!

At A & B Auto Repair in North Hollywood, we have the tools experience, and equipment to handle your timing belt checkout, repairs or replacement on all Foreign & Domestic autos .

To find out for yourself why we are regarded as the #1 auto shop for drive belt and timing belt replacement in North Hollywood, give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions that you have, and can make time for you to bring your vehicle by.

A & B Auto Repair offers outstanding Foreign & Domestic Timing Belt Repair services in North Hollywood. Call us now to set up your next auto repair service. Please call us for expert assistance at 818.769.4580