Automobile Tune Ups

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Automobile Tune Ups in North Hollywood, CA

Automotive Tune Ups North HollywoodA & B Auto Repair in North Hollywood perform Automobile Tune Ups  every day.  We use computerized state-of-the-art technology to guarantee your auto is precisely balanced. While performing a Tune-Up, our ASE-certified mechanics will also check your steering and suspension to ensure there are problems from a worn or loose part located elsewhere in your vehicle.

During a tune-up, our service staff will check your spark plugs, which are responsible for igniting the gasoline and air mixture that fuels your engine. We can also check your spark plug wires, which transfer voltage created by your spark plug. We will check the condition of your fuel filters, which help stop debris from reaching your engine. A clogged fuel filter will lead to poor acceleration and poor engine performance. Similarly, we can look at your air filter, which prevents debris from entering the combustion engine. Restricted airflow makes your engine work harder and causes your vehicle to lose horsepower.When finished, we will provide you a written record of completed repairs as well a warranty.

Engine tune-ups can help prevent breakdowns and extend the life of an automobile. A well-tuned engine will help keep a vehicle operating at maximum performance levels, which is why routine maintenance is so important.